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sonic screwdriver gift guide 0

The Ultimate Sonic Screwdriver Gift Guide

The Sonic Screwdriver made its first on-screen appearance in the trusty hands of the second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) during the 1968 story, ‘Fury from the

Siege Mode Gift Box 0

Tardis Siege Mode Cube – RubberToe Replicas

If you’ve never heard of RubberToe Replicas or seen their work before then this is amazing way to be introduced to them! All RubberToe products

Doctor Who Large TARDIS Fridge 0

Doctor Who Large Tardis Fridge

Let’s face it, the Doctor doesn’t really keep a consistent schedule. As a result, he has to grab his meals when and where he can.

doctor who series 8 0

Doctor Who Series 8 – Blu-ray & DVD

The eighth series of Doctor Who saw the introduction of a whole new Doctor (and his attack eyebrows,) the mysterious ‘Missy’ and a whole lot

dalek collectors edition 0

Dalek Yahtzee Collector’s Edition Game

Over the past 50 years of Doctor Who history, there have been a number of different types of Dalek – Emperors, Renegades and even Strategists.

Doctor Who Titans 8 Inch Trenzalore Tardis 0

Doctor Who Titans 8″ Trenzalore Tardis

When the Doctor traveled to Trenzalore in Series 7 to visit his tomb he found his grave was marked by, what else, his beloved TARDIS.

12th Doctor 3 inch Titan Homeless 0

Doctor Who Titans 3″ 12th Doctor Homeless Coat

Whovians that tuned into the Series 8 premiere episode, ‘Deep Breath‘ were a little unsure about what the new, 12th Doctor would be like. Would

12th Doctor 6.5 Inch Titan 0

Doctor Who Titans 6.5″ 12th Doctor Figure

Continuing the line of 6.5″ scaled up Doctor Who Titan figures, the 12th Doctor is represented here in his “no frills, no scarf, no messing,

The Impossible Set 0

Doctor Who The Impossible 5″ Action Figure 2-Pack

Recently released by the team at Underground Toys, the Impossible 5″ Action figure 2 pack set has already got Doctor Who collectors – both casual

TARDIS trucker hat 0

TARDIS Trucker Hat

Long-time fans will know that each incarnation of the Doctor has had his own, unique approach to fashion. Every outfit had something different – whether

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